Aum Therapeutic Transformational Studies by Aum Karma

Aum Karma is a Training Centre where psychology and scientific processes are merged with ancient modalities and Intuitive Concepts to deliver results through the teachings imparted by its Certified Trainers. The Centre has a vast canvas spread of courses that are conducted, both, online as well as in person, by its Internationally Acclaimed Founder & Faculty, Neera Sareen.

Their domain in training provides multiple programs from ‘Leadership Skills’ to ‘Self-Empowerment’ and multiple ‘Soft Skills’ along with a range of fusion Meta Physical & Intuitive Science Practices from applied through a psychological perspective – Tarot Therapy, Numerology, and other Spiritual Transformation Coaching.

The Aum Therapeutic Transformational Studies body of work is a unique approach applying spiritual concepts to modern psychological approaches  for both learning Learning and Spirituality.

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