How to Increase ROI on People Development Investments

Organization X brought in an outside seminar company to “give the supervisors and managers a little boost.” The seminar company suggested the executive group attend a preview as a way to support the development, to become aware of what was going to be presented, and to customize the message to meet the unique needs of the organization. They were all too busy. OK – how about a 4 hour overview ? Still too busy. The CEO ended up telling the seminar company to “Just give the people your message – so and so at (biggest company in town) said it was a great program.”… >>read more

Employee Coaching – The Powerful People Development Tool Leaders Avoid Like the Plague

Your search for talented team members has ended and you have successfully hired several highly qualified applicants to join your department. The next step is to schedule your new employees to attend the department’s new hire process and procedural training program. This is great news for your new employee because your corporate training department delivers a fantastic new hire program: one with pre- and post-training evaluations, feedback and suggestion forums, and real hands-on tasks strategically placed throughout the curriculum. To top it all off, after two to four weeks (considerably longer in some organizations) of intense classroom training, your new team members are ready for action! Or, are they?… >>read more

How to Measure ROI on People Development

Training and development is a key priority for all organisations and staff. However, how do you know whether you are getting true value from your training budget? The positive impact of people development through better communication and more motivating leadership has been documented over the years. But what of the financial Return on Investment (ROI)? Few know what it looks like or how to measure it…. >>read more

Professional Personal Development – What is it?

We think the term ‘training’ is too restrictive, and we only use it because that is the context within which many organisations can understand what we do. But whether you call it people skills training, interpersonal skills training, soft skills training or professional personal development, what we’re talking about is people changing what they do in order to be more effective, more able and quite simply, happier at their job and in their personal lives….. >>read more