Knowing yourself is the first and most important thing that every Salesperson must undergo in order to discover their inner self, their natural disposition and their innate potential. When a Salesperson knows who they are – their core value system and behavioral tendencies, and clearly understands what they want – their key motivational drives, then they have a much better chance of discovering how to reach their own success, happiness and personal fulfilment.

This not only fills us with much happiness, bliss and calmness but also improves our mindset, our focus, as well as our relationships and ability to connect with others; helping us sell better, faster and more profitable.

All successful organizations need everyone to be “selling” and be a core part of the selling process. It doesn’t matter whether the individual is part of customer support, operations, finance or otherwise. Everyone in any successful organizations need to learn to sell. Be it products, service, support or brand mind share.

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