Types of Coaching Accreditation

The AIOBP system of Coaching accreditation applies to the following:

  • Accreditation of organizations or institutions for credentialing or certifying Coaches in psychology based curriculums.
  • Accreditation of psychology based coaching methodologies or curriculums.
  • Accreditation of organizations or institutions which develop Master Coaches who credential others.

The AIOBP recognizes Coaches who have been credentialed by the ICF and the UK Based IIC, and have received coach-specific training, achieved a designated number of experience hours and are current with ICF or IIC credentials.

If you are accredited to train coaches by the ICF or the IIC, or you are an ICF or IIC credentialed coach, you are eligible for AIOBP credentialed memberships and privileges.

If you are seeking accreditation from the AIOBP for Coach Certification

The AIOBP Credentialing Program:

  • Establishes and administers minimum standards for credentialing professional coaches.
  • Assures the public that coaches trained by AIOBP accredited methodologies meet or exceed these minimum standards

Accreditation process for Coaching Curriculum Developer

  • Coaching Curriculum Developer must read the criteria for Coaching accreditation.
  • Coaching Curriculum Developer must complete and submit application to AIOBP.
  • AIOBP will assess uniqueness and feasibility of the Coaching Curriculum.

  • AIOBP will review Coaching Curriculum for accreditation and benchmark it against application criteria.
  • AIOBP will complete benchmarking, and give written notice to Coaching Developer

The AIOBP Process for Accreditation of psychology based Coaching Curriculums

Coaching Criteria
If you have a unique coaching method and wish to have it credentialed or certify others as coaches, this accreditation applies to you

Coaching Process Accreditation Eligibility

Coaching process accreditation is the first measure for credentialing coaching certifications. Before any coach is certified, they must go through a results based competence test achieved by applying the accredited psychology based coaching methodology. Organizations or Enterprises which use or develop successful psychology based coaching methods that meet the following criteria should apply.

To be eligible for accreditation by AIOBP, a coaching methodology must meet the following prerequisites:

A major portion of the coaching methodology is unique and has clear objectives and a defined coaching process.

Program Goals must be:

  • a. Clearly stated
  • b. Phrased in simple terms
  • c. Relevant
  • d. Understandable by potential participants
  • e. Connected to the purpose of the sponsoring organization

Are Program Goals:

  • a. Related to accomplishing the mission
  • b. Specific
  • c. Measureable
  • d. Achievable within the boundaries of the program

Are Program Competencies must be:

  • a. Linked to goal achievement
  • b. Stated in terms of desired knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • c. Assessable
  • d. Collectively sufficient to reach all the program goals

Is Program Content must be:

  • a. Related to realizing the stated competencies
  • b. Organized to accomplish the goals of the training
  • c. Divided into meaningful segments
  • d. Logical and systematic
  • e. Arranged to contain situations the participants might actually encounter

Program Instructional Process must be:

  • a. Accommodate differences in participant learning styles
  • b. Allow for guided practice
  • c. Provide a timetable for program delivery
  • d. Incorporate multiple learning modalities
  • e. Address potential ethical concerns

Program Assessment of Results must be:

  • a. Offer regular feedback on participant performance
  • b. Present information participants can use to improve their performance
  • c. Provide a practical summary learning assessment
  • d. Utilize multiple means of assessment

Program Support Structure must be:

  • a. Easy for participants to access and use
  • b. Organized to support the program content and delivery process
  • c. Structured to provide learning facilitators qualified to give the necessary participant support


  • The coaching methodology has not had a prior accreditation withdrawn from a nationally recognized accrediting agency, nor has it voluntarily withdrawn under a show cause action, within one year prior to application to AIOBP.
  • The applicant is the, or one of the, owners, documented contributors, licensed users, or creators of the methodology and/or curriculum.
  • The coaching methodology has a psychology based process to achieve results in coaches that can be identified through greater success in personal and business related activities.
  • The coaching applicant enterprise prescribes a correspondent time function of education and training offered in continuing education units, clock hours, or credit hours to determine and maintain competency with its certified coaches in the methodology.
  • It agrees upon application and accreditation to abide by the AIOBP mission, principles of ethics, and standards for accreditation, policies and procedures and to support the goals and integrity of the accreditation process.

Accreditation Process for Coaching Process, Developer or Enterprise User

The AIOBP Process for Accreditation of psychology based Training and/or Facilitation Processes and Curriculums for Trainer Certification

  • Coaching Process Developer or Enterprise User must read the criteria for coaching accreditation.
  • Coaching Process Developer or Enterprise User to complete and submit the below application to AIOBP.
  • AIOBP to review coaching process for accreditation and benchmark application criteria.
  • AIOBP to assess uniqueness and feasibility of the coaching process.
  • AIOBP to review videos of key training Points and their delivery.
  • AIOBP to complete benchmarking and reach an accreditation decision and give written notice to Coaching Process Developer or Licensed User.
  • Accreditation Certification if successful.