Be the Leader Coach

Be the Leader Coach

When any employee or team member approaches you with an issue, he/she has either challenges to overcome or goals to achieve.  In either case,  remember that the receptors on their thinking cell’s membrane are constricted and they constricted because of some emotional event.  When receptors are constricted, we have distorted thinking or irrational thoughts because the emotions are blocking the nourishment from reaching the cells.  This is simple cell biology.

A Leader who has been through a PCMK™ Executive Coach Training Program would intuitively know which coaching methodology to use with their peer/employee to give the best results.  Built into every PCMK™ methodology is The Law of Love/Transformation which means that the negative emotional energy is released from the receptors allowing innovative solutions to easily come to the peer/employee. Why is this important?  Because the Leader doesn’t need to give the employee/peer any advice!  Helping our people find their own solutions is the best way to create more leaders. 


Betska K Burr

Betska is Co-President at Coaching and Betska is often referred to as The Guru Coach™ by her students and clients.She is Co-President at Coaching and Leadership International Inc. Having developed 80+ award-winning coaching and leadership methodologies which enrich a Leader’s competencies and bring peace into their life, she leads the Instructor Team at the CLI School for Mind-Kinetics® Coaching.

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