Hidden Messages from Water

Hidden Messages from Water

Have you ever wondered what would be the result of a simple experiment of you pasting words like Love and Hate on two separate bottles and freezing the same?

If your further looked through a microscope, like Masaru Emoto, you would see the ice crystals coming from the Love bottle have a higher frequency and therefore, would look like crystalline diamonds. Very beautiful. The ice crystals coming the Hate bottle have a lower frequency and hence would be ugly, dark and sinister looking. The message is clear. As CLI teaches in our Executive Coach Training Program, water like any matter has cells and energy fields that read and get affected by thoughts as well. Positive thoughts and beliefs are energy giving sparkles. 

Since the human body is made up mostly of water, we should be careful what messages we put into our brain body. 


Betska K Burr

Betska is Co-President at Coaching and Betska is often referred to as The Guru Coach™ by her students and clients.She is Co-President at Coaching and Leadership International Inc. Having developed 80+ award-winning coaching and leadership methodologies which enrich a Leader’s competencies and bring peace into their life, she leads the Instructor Team at the CLI School for Mind-Kinetics® Coaching.

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